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Status Local Rule 2 – feasibility check

Local Rule 2 is currently under scrutiny by the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management who, according to Council Regulation (EEC) no 95/93, will have to take a decision on the proposed Local Guideline.

In this respect, ACNL has performed a requested feasibility examination with regard to Local Rule 2.

ACNL deems Local Rule 2 feasible given that, in order to implement Local Rule 2, ACNL differs from some specific provisions in Local Rule 2 and ACNL gives interpretation to provisions that are not clear in Local Rule 2.

ACNL has reverted these conclusions to the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Coordination Committee Netherlands.

The Coordination Committee Netherlands has been invited for a meeting on these conclusions.

ACNL will provide an update once available.

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