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Slot monitoring is performed by ACNL in cooperation with the airport and other stakeholders. ACNL will comply with Dutch National legislation and the European Council Regulation 95/93 as amended to monitor the use and adherence of allocated airport slots at all Dutch slot coordinated airports.

Regular monitoring procedures are in place for the following categories of inconsistencies in the use of slots:

Unplanned night movements: Flights operated during the night regime at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol without a night slot.

No-recs: Flights operated without cleared airport slots.

No-ops: Cleared airport slots that have not been operated.

COORD/STT: Coordinated slot compared with the Scheduled Time Table

COORD/ACTUAL: Coordinated slot compared with the Actual time and/or way of operation.


All monitored night movements without holding a valid night slot are reported to the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (Dutch Civil Aviation Authority) on a regularly (weekly) base.

For unplanned night movements the policy regarding Night slot enforcement of the Dutch CAA is effective. Airlines are recommended to review and abide to the applicable policy and procedures which are published on the website of the Dutch CAA: Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate


On a regularly (weekly) base ACNL will compare the most recent slot information with information from the airport’s and other stakeholders and will send a Flight Discrepancy Report (FDR) to all airlines of which irregularities are monitored.

The airline must submit a Force Majeure request related to NOOPS or can give a reaction to a NORECS within 5 business days after receiving the FDR. In case force majeure is granted or ACNL is able to connect the monitored NOREC to a valid airport slot the airline will be informed accordingly. If no reply is received on [email protected] within 5 business days, the discrepancy will automatically remain the status NOOPS/NOREC.

NOOPS not classified as force majeure may have impact on the historic percentage rate of the involved series of slots (the 80/20 rule). On request of the Dutch CAA all discrepancies will be reported for possible enforcement measurements. After the deadline for reply to ACNL no further communication or amendment on the monitored discrepancy is possible with ACNL and all communication related to possible misuse must be done through Dutch CAA.

Timeline NOOPS/NORECS monitoring process Dutch slot coordinated airports


ACNL will regularly compare the most recent slot data with data from the airport’s and other stakeholders and contacts airlines of which irregularities are monitored.

  • COORD/STT is based on the principle that the allocated  must match exactly with the Scheduled date and time in the airport information system. Differences are not allowed.
  • COORD/ACTUAL is based on patterns identified by currently the minimum deviation from the allocated slot time of 60 minutes is monitored. ACNL can also take action on excesses.

ACNL will apply the following procedure:

  • In case deviations in a pattern or excesses are monitored ACNL will contact the operator.
  • Adequate response from the operator and appropriate actions are required.
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