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General Aviation

All flights to and from a coordinated airport can only be executed when an air carrier or any other aircraft operator has been allocated an airport slot. According to Article 2, paragraph g, of the Regulation as state flights, emergency landings and humanitarian flights are exempted.

General aviation (all aviation except commercial aviation) is therefore subject to slot coordination at AMS and RTM.

Requests must be submitted in IATA GCR format (instructions can be found in the IATA SSIM manual appendix K and on the ACNL website; for examples of GCR format click here). Please always check the local rule GA AMS for more detailed information on this subject.

General aviation slots can also be requested through e-Airportslots.

Slot Coordinated by ACNL
  • All types of GA
  • See AIP for all exemptions
Slot Coordinated by ACNL
  • Flight MTOW >34.000 kg and >19 seats

  • Max. 34.000 kg and max. 19 seats
  • See AIP for all exemptions
Slot Coordinated by ACNL
  • See AIP for all exemptions
Amsterdam Airport
Rotterdam Airport
Eindhoven Airport
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