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Information concerning announcement reduction movements Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) 

Summary announcement Dutch government 

  • On 24 June 2022, the Dutch cabinet presented its future plans for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS). Please find the letter and all attachments (in Dutch) here. Please find a courtesy translation in English here. 
  • To find a new balance between the importance of an international airport for the Netherlands and the quality of the living environment, specifically for local residents, the cabinet has decided that the maximum number of commercial aircraft movements allowed to and from Schiphol will have to be reduced to 440,000 on an annual basis. 
  • The cabinet aims for effectiveness as of start IATA Northern Winter season 2023/2024 (W23). 
  • According EU Law a Balanced Approach process for operational reduction measures must be followed by the Member State. The Dutch government will start this process.  

Role of ACNL as slot coordinator  

  • ACNL as an independent slot coordinator is not involved in the decision making process of the government nor in determining available capacity at an airport. ACNL allocates slots after an airport published its available capacity by means of the capacity declaration twice a year.  

Request from Ministry to ACNL 

  • The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has requested ACNL to indicate how, in relation to the rules and procedures around slot allocation, a reduction in the number of aircraft movements and the related slots can be achieved at coordinated airports. 
  • ACNL is asked to especially advise on a) the situation at Schiphol for a reduction to 440,000 movements and b) the reduction in the number of night movements (from 32,000 to 29,000 aircraft movements on an annual basis) which the government intends to set at the same time as the maximum number of annual flight movements. 
  •  The advice by ACNL is expected early 2023. 

No changes in the slot allocation process for NW22 and NS23 will take place unless otherwise indicated in the ACNL Working Procedure for the respective season.

ACNL will keep this page updated as courtesy information for interested parties.  

Disclaimer: This page is meant as courtesy information and is compiled with utmost care. No rights can be derived. ACNL cannot be held responsible in case of incorrect information.  

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