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Air carriers operating to and from coordinated airports must submit a request for the allocation of landing and/or take-off slots to the coordinator and receive approval before operating. According to Article 2, paragraph G, of Council Regulation 95/93 state flights, emergency landings and humanitarian flights are exempted. Messages must be sent through the SCR format (Slot Clearance Request/ Response) in conformity with chapter 6 of the IATA Standard Schedules Information Manual (SSIM). Processing may take up to three full business days

All requests must be submitted in UTC times. When a slot cannot be allocated as requested, offers made by the coordinator will be valid for the duration of three full business days. If no reply is received, the offer will be cancelled without notice.

ACNL is working according to the IATA Scheduling process. The milestones of the IATA Scheduling process can be found in events and the IATA Activity Calendar on


The Council Regulation (EC) No 95/93, as amended, and the IATA Worldwide Slot Guidelines (WSG), latest and current edition, are the basis for allocation within the limits of the capacity declaration.

In addition, ACNL published the working procedures, such as:


With reference to Art. 8a and Art. 10, par 8, of EU Council Regulation 95/93 as amended.

After notification and confirmation by the coordinator:

  • free exchange of slots on a one for one basis between carriers (swaps)
  • transfer by a carrier from one route to another or from one type of service to another operated by that same carrier
  • transfer in case of a (partial) take over, the acquisition of control over the capital of an air carrier and between parent and subsidiary companies and between subsidiaries of the same parent company
  • use of slots allocated to one carrier by (an)other carrier(s) participating in a joint operation, provided that the designator code of the air carrier to whom the slots are allocated remains on the shared flight for coordination and monitoring purposes
  • new entrants (if status claimed by requesting airline): no exchange or transfer in the first 2 equivalent seasons


Airlines are required to keep their waitlist updated at all times.


The scheduling calendar is not based on the year, but on two scheduling seasons, Summer and Winter, defined as following:

  • IATA Summer Season – starts on the last Sunday of March and ends on the last Saturday of October
  • IATA Winter Season – starts on the last Sunday of October and ends on the last Saturday of March
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