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ACNL is an independent non-profit organization, financed by homebase carriers and level 3 airports in the Netherlands. ACNL is responsible for the allocation and monitoring of the slots at the three major airports in the Netherlands.

The European Slot Regulation demands explicitly that ACNL acts under the EU Regulation No 95/93 in an independent, neutral, non-discriminatory and transparent manner. The European aviation sector is one of the best performing and dynamic parts of the European economy.

Our mission


ACNL is designated by the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment (‘the Minister’) at 25 November 1998 as the independent coordinator for slot coordinated airports in the Netherlands in accordance with EEC Regulation 95/93 and Dutch legislation and has been established as a foundation. ACNL has a Supervisory Board whose members are representatives of the carriers with one of the coordinated airports in the Netherlands as their home base and representatives of the three coordinated airports. As European rules stipulate that the coordinator should be independent, the Supervisory Board does not have any influence on the process of slot allocation, they only supervise financial and management matters.

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