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Worldwide Airport Slot Guidelines (WASG)

On 29 May 2020 ACNL was notified by IATA of the new Worldwide Airport Slot Guidelines, edition 1 (WASG), effective 1 June 2020. The WASG is the “successor” of the Worldwide Slot Guidelines (WSG).

ACNL considers it important that the “rules of the game” are clear prior to a season’s slot allocation process.  ACNL must conclude that the allocation process Winter 2020 was already ongoing on the moment the WASG was notified. Moreover, as the WASG include some strategic changes which may have implications for ACNL’s working procedures and/or cannot be implemented without further elaboration, ACNL decided not to take WASG into account until further notice. This means that WSG edition 10 and the Council Regulation 95/93 still form the basis of  ACNL’s allocation process and the working procedures.

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