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Dear operator,

ACNL provides you an in-between update on the slot situation at Dutch level 3 coordinated airports.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 a large number of slots were handed back to the slot pool of ACNL.

As a result of timely slot returns returned slots immediately could be reallocated to keep vital transportation such as medical goods possible.

Nevertheless, for S20 the actual allocated number of handbacks is significant and at this stage on the shorter term at all Dutch airports sufficient slots are available for allocation.

S20 Capacity declaration Allocated 08JUN
AMS 303619 182160
EIN 26000 15585
RTM 11608 7019

Also as per today where recovery in the number of daily allocated slots is slightly seen, the airports, ground handlers, ANSP’s etc. take into account the actual data of ACNL’s slot database to make their plans for e.g. gate planning, staffing, assignment of check-in counters etc. and with this in mind ACNL reminds all operators that it remains important to hand back the slots that are not intended to use as soon as possible.

As part of the monitoring process of late handbacks ACNL may contact airlines to interview with regards to the actual portfolio.

For your importance ACNL also reminds that for S20 newly allocated series are allocated on a non-historic basis only. Airport restrictions due to Covid-19 social distancing measures may apply.

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