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Update Working Procedure Schiphol Local Rule 2

ACNL published an update of the “Working Procedure of Airport Coordination Netherlands (ACNL), laying down the administrative procedures and rules for the implementation of Schiphol Local Rule 2 (LR2)”:

Working Procedure Schiphol Local Rule 2 (pdf, v1.1, September 12, 2019)

Allocation Calendar

ACNL, together with this Working Procedure, published an Allocation calendar indicating the details and deadlines per two weeks period.

Allocation calendar for Schiphol Local Rule 2 (pdf, September 12, 2019)

During the CCN on August 29, 2019 the Initial Estimates to be taken into account for W19 were concluded. These figures have been incorporated in the Allocation calendar.

Updates of this allocation calendar will be published on

Coordination Committee Netherlands

A copy of this Working Procedure will be sent to the Coordination Committee Netherlands (CCN) to inform airlines. Questions regarding this Working Procedure may be submitted to [email protected].


Compared to the previous version of this Working Procedure, ACNL made the following changes in order to implement Schiphol Local Rule 2 in a neutral, transparent and non-discriminatory way:

  • Article 4: Addition on duties for priority requests; addition of situation after allocation of last two weeks period of season; clarification on night slots.
  • Article 5: Clarification on waitlist updates; usage of STC’s; requests for slots for incidental and unexpected operational variations.
  • Article 7: Addition of situation after allocation for last two weeks period of season.
  • Article 12: Allocation calendar will be published separately.
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