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Supplementary information to the SHL S17 AMS

This explanation is provided by ACNL to elaborate on the way the SHL S17 AMS as issued today relates to the absolute planning limit as introduced in the Capacity Declaration S17 AMS.

The SHL S17 AMS is based on the following principles:

  • The absolute planning limit is – according to the Capacity Declaration S17 AMS – 313,740 slots (equal to capacity limit of 313.740), of which 23,219 night slots. Series of slots that comply with article 8,2 of the Council Regulation (95/93) may be eligible for historic precedence within this cap.
  • In order to mitigate the risk of exceeding the planning limit (maximum number of slots with historic precedence) airlines will in principle and if at least operated more than 80%  of the series receive any surplus compared to HBD 31JAN17 as ”T” in the SHL S17 AMS (this also includes the total of 9,423 additional slots from W16 that has become available for S17).

Agreed Historics Deadline

WSG Edition 8 article 9.5.1:

Airlines must review the SHL message and acknowledge its receipt to the coordinator. If an airline disagrees with the determination of historics, then it must contact the coordinator as soon as possible but no later than the Agreed Historics Deadline. This will allow differences to be resolved before the Initial Submission Deadline.

Airlines disagreeing with  slot series for the SHL S17 AMS are requested to contact the coordinator before 20 September 2017 2359 UTC, to allow the coordinator to review any differences and to be able to respect the Agreed Historic Deadline.

Possible claims must be sent to [email protected] in one (1) document per airline and must contain the following details:

  • Period concerned
  • SHL-line in full detail

ACNL will respond to comments before 28 September 2359 UTC (Agreed Historic Deadline).

Please note that for the summer season, where historics are granted prior to the end of the summer season, the historics must be regarded as provisional until the season is completed and the 80% usage has been verified (par. 9.4.2 WSG).

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