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Change of text WARN & NOTE messages

Following ACNL’s announcement on WARN & NOTE messages (March 14, 2017) ACNL informs as follows.

With WARN & NOTE messages ACNL informs airlines of series of slots with percentages approaching the 80% rate (WARN) compared to HBD, as well of the situation when a series of slots compared to HBD has dropped down the 80% rate (NOTE).

Since introduction of these messages ACNL received and evaluated airlines’ feedback on these messages. The text in these messages has been slightly adjusted effective immediately in order to cope with:

  • Series that are created after HBD for which the 80% is monitored (the text incorrectly stated that these series were allocated at HBD).
  • The fact that the messages only give a provisional result (as in e-Airportslots) and that final provisions are given in the SHL.

Should you have any questions about this, please contact ACNL.

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