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Supplementary information to the SAL S18 AMS

Since the introduction of the absolute planning limit and the increasing demand at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol ACNL is receiving a growing number of questions from the airlines. Below explanation is intended to respond to such questions in advance.

WSG paragraph 9.4.2

This paragraph states that “For the summer season, where historics are granted prior to the end of the summer season, the historics must be regarded as provisional until the season is completed and the 80% usage has been verified”. From Article 8.2 of Council Regulation 95/93 the same must be concluded as it refers to the whole scheduling period: “at least 80% of the time during the scheduling period for which it has been allocated”.

With the SHL on 11 September 2017 ACNL informed all parties that this paragraph 9.4.2 was to be applied. Moreover ‘warn and note’-messages were sent to inform airlines of the status of their series of slots.

The final results have been processed in the SAL S18.

With regard to the period between the SAL and the end of season ACNL reserves the right to still withdraw series of slots.

Airlines that lost series of slots after the SHL will be invited for an appointment at the IATA Slot Conference in Madrid.


The basis for the preparation of the SHL was the planning limit as included in the capacity declaration S17, i.e. 313.740. As explained in the “Supplementary information to the SHL S17 AMS” all slot series that were allocated for S17 and operated within this limit for at least 80% until the SHL deadline were included provisionally in the SHL. Series that were operated for at least 80% exceeding the planning limit were included with a T (subject to conditions).

The surplus of T’s above the planning limit will be equally treated as code Y (year round requests) in the case of S18 re-allocation.

All capacity available within the planning limit has been allocated to historic slots from the SHL.


At the SAL date the slot pool contained a number of night slots. In order to allocate these slots efficiently ACNL will make an appointment during the IATA Slot Conference with airlines that are eligible to receive night slots in order to discuss their concrete need.

Slots from the pool will be allocated after the IATA Slot Conference.


Allocated slots and outstanding requests for all parties are available through (read only).

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