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Revised EC Regulation 95/93 effective as of W22

Tomorrow, 26 October 2022, the Delegated Regulation, providing for a temporary modification of the use-it or lose-it rule at EU airports covering the entire IATA W22 season starting 30 October 2022 until and including 25 March 2023 will formally enter into force following that of its publication in the Official Journal (OJ) of the European Union of today, 25 October 2022. Historic precedence will be granted to series of slots provided they meet a minimum utilisation rate of 75% in W22. European Commission may adjust the percentage value under certain circumstances within a range between 0% and 70% in W22 and S23.

Further updates for W22 and S23 include – but not limited to – an adjusted definition of New Entrant (continuation from previous few seasons) and adjusted JNUS conditions.

All details can be found in the revised EC Regulation 95/93.


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