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New organisational structure ACNL and introduction slotfee.

On 1 April the organisational structure of ACNL changed. Instead of a foundation, ACNL is an independent governing body by public law. There is no Supervisory Board anymore, the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management is the supervisory authority as regards finance and management matters. To guarantee the independent position of the coordinator, the Minister has no influence on the process of slot allocation.

ACNL is financed by a slotfee. Air carriers using a coordinated airport, have to pay a slotfee per movement. For the period 1 April 2020-1 April 2021 the slotfee is set at €1,58 per movement (landing or take-off). The slotfee is invoiced by the airports. In addition also airports have to pay a slotfee resulting in 50% of ACNL’s budget paid by air carriers and 50% paid by the airports.

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