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Recently ACNL has received questions and requests for alleviation on the 80/20 “use it or lose it” rule related to the Corona virus outbreak.

At this moment ACNL is granting alleviation for all direct routes from/to China mainland (incl. Hong Kong) until and including the 30th of April, 2020 (S20). This frame was set in agreement with the group of European slot coordinators (EUACA).

ACNL -like all colleague coordinators- is very aware of the consequences that the Corona virus outbreak may have to the aviation industry and is on the opinion that this requires a common European and/or worldwide approach for alleviation.

The EUACA organization has addressed a request for a generic regulation like was the case during “9/11” and the SARS outbreak in 2003.
A generic regulation should assure that an equal level playing field is guaranteed.

Also the IATA organisation did plea for a generic regulation (“Waiver”) at the European commission.

Should the current policy change this message will be updated accordingly.

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