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Working Procedure Slot Allocation W19 published

ACNL published the Working Procedure Slot Allocation W19:

Working Procedure Slot Allocation W19 (pdf, v1.0, April, 24, 2019)

Aim of Working Procedure

Aim of this Working Procedure is to provide information on the allocation process. The Working Procedure is not intended to constitute a formal policy rule in the sense of article 1:3 of the General Administrative Law act; the Working Procedure is a procedural instruction.

Coordination Committee Netherlands

A copy of this Working Procedure will be sent to the Coordination Committee Netherlands (CCN) to inform airlines. Question regarding this Working Procedure may be submitted to [email protected].

Changes w.r.t. S19

Compared to the Working Procedure Slot Allocation S19, ACNL made the following changes:

  • adjustment of dates for W19 season;
  • amendment to article 2.3 on claims during the period to agree;
  • addition of article 3.11 on the notification of slot details;
  • removal of articles that are relevant to the Summer season only;
  • minor editorial changes.

Working Procedure on Local Rule 2

Additionally ACNL would like to inform you about the Working Procedure laying down the administrative procedures and rules for the implementation of Schiphol Local Rule 2 (LR2), which has been presented and discussed during the meeting of the Coordination Committee Netherlands on April 11, 2019.

Working Procedure Local Rule 2 (pdf, v1.0, March, 27, 2019)

Schiphol Local Rule 2

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