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Working Procedure Slot Allocation W18 published

ACNL published the Working Procedure Slot Allocation W18:

Working Procedure Slot Allocation W18 (pdf, v1.0, April 17, 2018)

Aim of Working Procedure

Aim of this Working Procedure is to provide information on the allocation process. The Working Procedure is not intended to constitute a formal policy rule in the sense of article 1:3 of the General Administrative Law act; the Working Procedure is a procedural instruction.

Coordination Committee Netherlands

A draft of this Working Procedure has been sent to the Coordination Committee Netherlands (CCN) to inform airlines and to provide an opportunity for members to ask any questions or make comments on the proposed amendments.

ACNL did not receive questions or comments in writing nor during the meeting of the CCN on April 13, 2018, where the Working Procedure has been put on the agenda.

Changes w.r.t. S18

Compared to the Working Procedure Slot Allocation S18, ACNL made the following changes:

  • Paragraph 2 has been added with provisions on the Slot Historical List and the period to agree;
  • Announcements with regard to the start of monitoring of night slots on a series level as per W17 were removed;
  • Paragraph 3 on Initial submission has been extended with article 3.9 saying that slots retrieved in the SHL as “subject to conditions” may be submitted as historic slots in the Initial Submission;
  • Article 5.3 has been extended with the text “and take into account the provisions of WSG Article 9.14”;
  • Adjustments of dates for season W18, textual corrections, some shifts of articles and paragraphs in order to make the text more logical.
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