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Working procedure non-historical night slots S17

The capacity declaration of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) for S17 (published on  stipulates that “The upcoming legally binding limits on the number of aircraft movements […] 32,000 for the night period […] are considered as targets that should not be exceeded when releasing and allocating slots that are not eligible for historic precedence.” Airlines should take into account that night slot availability may reduce in respect of previous seasons due to this target and increased demand.

ACNL is of the opinion that it is the responsibility of the slot coordinator to allocate slot capacity as determined in the capacity declaration and that ACNL is not able to comply with a target in a number of actual night movements, as these can be the result of factors outside the coordinator’s control. Due to the fact that the framework of the current night model does not provide adequate tools and given the working procedure as applied in the past seasons, ACNL applies this working procedure for allocating non-historic night slots for S17.

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