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Working procedure Instructions for slot requests for Commercial and General Aviation

The working procedure ‘Instructions for slot requests for Commercial and General Aviation’ as published on stipulates the definition of commercial and general aviation from the Local Rule Schedule Coordination for General Aviation (GA) at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This working procedure gives an instruction in which message format slots for both commercial and general aviation shall be requested.

The working procedure stipulates in which message format and with which STC code each type of traffic shall be requested. ACNL can only follow the Local Rule and cannot give further interpretation on the meaning of ‘positioning flights which are directly linked to the operation of these flights [commercial aviation, red.]’. As such it is the responsibility of the airline to act in conformity with the definitions of the Local Rule and the working procedure.

ACNL cannot give any exemptions in the case requested slots for e.g. positioning flights cannot be allocated within the planning limit or the nominal operation runway capacity is referred to in art. 1.2 of the working procedure.

Airlines may choose to change/revise slots from their slot portfolio to accommodate e.g. positioning flights, however airlines have full responsibility in terms of the impact on the 80% calculation of usage of series of slots affected.

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