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W17 post IATA-conference appointment – AMS I RTM I EIN

Following the successful experience in S17 by airlines to have the possibility for an appointment with the Slotcoordinators after the Slot conference, we decided to offer this opportunity again for W17.

Airlines having requested slots at AMS, RTM and/or EIN during IATA W17 – that have waitlist entries- are invited for an appointment at the ACNL premises at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Selected dates (no other dates possible):

  • Monday 10 July, 2017 between 0930 and 1800 LT (Fully booked)
  • Wednesday 09 August, 2017 between 0930 and 1800 LT

During an appointment with the coordinator the airline does have the possibility to seek for schedules optimization.

An appointment could also be an opportunity to share latest forecasts with the coordinator, vice versa.

Maximum duration of an appointment is 20 minutes.

Maximum 1 appointment per airline.

Third parties are not invited to participate in this appointment.

Request should be applied for by email to address : [email protected] Airport Coordination Netherlands will reply as soon as possible on your request however confirmation may take up to 3 business days.

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