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Update on Slot Allocation by ACNL – 20 March 2020

Following last Monday’s publication (16 March) as regards the temporary shutdown of LR2 (until and including 06 June 2020) and full priority to be given for new Full Freighter requests ACNL hereby provide a next update.

Priority handling (waitlist):

With immediate effect first access and priority will be given to repatriation flights. Second access and priority will be given to Full Freighter aircraft from the S20 AMS waitlist. The applicable period for allocation remains unchanged till and including 6 June 2020.

Freight in pax aircraft

If a pax configurated aircraft is used for transporting freight only, the airline can use the IATA SSIM appendix C service type codes for the application of slots.

Slot requests during the night period:

If necessary and respecting airport restrictions, night slots will be allocated for repatriation flights and Full Freight flights until and including 06 June 2020.

Parking of freighter aircraft at AMS:

Due to actual closure of a number of gate and parking areas a limited number of parking stands for freighter aircraft is available at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Airlines should ensure that parking of their aircraft can be accommodated by contacting the airport managing body in written and must be addressed to : [email protected]

Disclaimer: ACNL may review and amend this procedure if deemed necessary.

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