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Update on JNUS W21 (12 January 2022)

Following a decision of the Dutch government, the Netherlands has entered in a lockdown from December 19th,2021 and will last at minimum until January 14th,2022 included.

As per today there is no confirmed date for the next press conference given by the Dutch government.

Therefore, ACNL has extended the period to grant FM/JNUS by one (1) week

Taking in consideration the three (3) week period for cancellations as adopted in the EU regulation, until further notice FM/JNUS requests will be granted until February 11th,2022 included.

An update of the period beyond is expected to be announced one business day after the next press conference on ACNL’s website (

After the announcement of extension of the current restrictions or confirmation on the end date of the lockdown in the Netherlands has been formally done, ACNL will decide and inform on an updated term for granting FM/JNUS or a recovery period.

The working method for requesting JNUS remains unchanged.

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