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Upcoming IATA Milestones for Northern Summer 2021 (S21)

ACNL would like to remind you of the upcoming Series Return Deadline (SRD) January 15th and the Historic Baseline Date (HBD) January 31st for IATA Northern Summer 2021 (S21).

Given the uncertain situation of recovery of the aviation market for S21 ACNL does understand that it can be difficult for airlines to decide upon the necessity of the number of slots to be needed while the conditions for S21 are not yet known.

Waitlist.  ACNL does request airlines with an outstanding demand (NO SLOT waitlist) for additional slots to update according to their updated requirement. Taking in account the IATA milestone for the Series Return Deadline (SRD) of January 15th, followed by the Historic Baseline Date (HBD) of January 31st, in conformity with IATA WSG edition 10 par. 10.15.2 all airlines will be contacted by ACNL in due course of January to confirm their outstanding NO SLOT waitlist request.

Allocated (series of) slots. ACNL does request airlines with slots held and not intending to use for S21 to return (series of) slots to the slotpool as soon as the decision is made not to operate, for example due to the fact that those  (series of) slots cannot be operated due having no means of production available.

ACNL will use the updated situation for further forecasting analysis amongst others in taking a decision whether to re-activate Local Rule 2 during S21.

For your information, the SAL figures for S21 are listed below.

Airport Season Slot Historic List (SHL) Initially Requested Allocated slots (SAL) Waitlist (NO SLOT)
AMS S21 312316 347422 312244 35178
EIN S21 26803 34319 26803 7516
RTM S21 11958 14739 11995 2744

SAL distribution date November 2nd, 2020.

At all Dutch level 3 coordinated airport all slots have been allocated up to the planning limit.
The initial demand at all Dutch level 3 airports exceeded the limit of capacity available for allocation.
As a result of a higher demand a “NO SLOT waitlist” was created at SAL distribution date.

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