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Slot Return Deadline

With reference to Art. 10, par. 3, of EU Council Regulation 95/93, and par 9.15.1 of the IATA WSG I would like to strongly urge you and remind you:

  1. that airlines MUST return all series of slots that they do not intend to operate at a level 3 airport (i.c. AMS, RTM and EIN) no later  than the Slot Return deadline date of 15 January 2017;
  2. that ad hoc cancellations should be made on or before the Historic Baseline Date of 23:59 UTC on 31 January 2017 (WSG par. 9.15.2).

Note that ACNL will maintain a list of airlines that return series of slots after the Slot Return Deadline (WSG 9.15.3). This list will indicate the total number of slots held by each airline on the Slot Return Deadline, compared with the total number of slots held by each airline at the start and end of the season, to show the percentage of each airline¿s holdings at the airport on these dates.

Care will be taken in interpreting these figures as they may include the cancellation of slots for operational reasons (for example, closure of airport or airspace) or commercial reasons (for example, public holidays).

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