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In order to maintain freight capacity ACNL temporarily won’t use Local Rule 2 at AMS.

The purpose of Local Rule 2 (LR2) at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) is to provide sufficient ad hoc capacity for full freight airlines. In the current exceptional circumstance due to the COVID-19 outbreak LR2 works contra-productive. Under LR2 the number of slots available for reallocation is limited and the way of reallocation is inflexible.

Effective immediately, ACNL will not use LR2 for slots to be allocated up to and included 6 June 2020 (up to and included period 5 of the calendar for LR2 for S20). In addition hand backed slots are first offered to full freight operators for slots with ad hoc use until 6 June 2020.  Remaining slots in the slot pool are secondly offered in conformity with prioritization of the waitlist. ACNL expects, because of the proposed 80/20 waiver, a large number of hand backed slots.

With this decision ACNL aims to provide sufficient slots in line with the purpose of LR2. In this way the necessary freight capacity is maintained in the general interest having goods transported from/to the Netherlands.

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