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Extension of Out of Hours service

Extension of Out of Hours service

Airport Coordination Netherlands (ACNL) is pleased to announce extension of the Out of Hours service for commercial aviation at all Dutch level 3 airports.
With immediate effect airlines can request authorisation for ACNL’s web service “”. This web service is available with a horizon for online coordination of 3 calendar days in the future.
By providing this new service slot management outside ACNL’s office hours is available 24 hours per day, including the full range of the weekend.

How to apply for the Out of hours service:

Already an active account for and currently used as a read-only:
Airlines already having an active account for do not have to subscribe by submitting the form again but can send an email to [email protected] by requesting extension of the read-only with the Out of hours horizon. It is required to indicate clearly in the request for which account the authorization for the Out of hours online coordination horizon is requested for.
Request must be done by an IATA HoD or an at ACNL pre-authorized mail account that is used for slot management.

Not an account for and wish to use the Out of Hours service:
Pre-authorization for this web service is required.
Applications for a new account must be done by submitting the e-airportslots_application form. Only complete forms are accepted and must be sent to [email protected].

Request for GCR slot management at EHAM:
If an authorisation for GCR slot management is requested as well this must be indicated on the application form by filling in airport in ICAO format e.g. EHAM and the 3-letter operator code that is used for GCR slot management.

How many time it will take before I can use my web service account for online coordination?
Due high demand the registration process may take up to 14 days. It is not necessary to contact ACNL or the administrator about the progress of your request.

Contact ACNL organization:
For further information regarding the out of hours service and other queries an email can be sent to [email protected].
In addition the ACNL-team is available to answer your queries as well by phone from Mon-Fri at +31(20)4059730 from 0930-1630 hours (AMS time).

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