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At a coordinated airport, the Member State responsible shall ensure that a coordination committee is set up. The same coordination committee may be designated for more than one airport.

Membership of this committee shall be open at least to the air carriers using the airport(s) in question regularly and their representative organisations, the managing body of the airport concerned, the relevant air traffic control authorities and the representatives of general aviation using the airport regularly.


Making proposals concerning or advise the coordinator and/or the Member State on the following:

  • The possibilities for increasing the capacity of the airport determined in accordance with Article 3 or for improving its usage;
  • The coordination parameters to be determined in accordance with Article 6;
  • The methods of monitoring the use of allocated slots;
  • Local guidelines for the allocation of slots or the monitoring of the use of allocated slots, taking into account, inter alia, possible environmental concerns, as provided for in Article 8(5);
  • Improvements to traffic conditions prevailing at the airport in question;
  • Serious problems encountered by new entrants, as provided for in Article 10(9);
  • All questions relating to the capacity of the airport;
  • Dealing with complaints
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