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SAL S20 Distribution dates / open in read only / Supplementary information to SAL S20 AMS

SAL Distribution dates

The S20 SALs have been distributed on the following dates:

AMS: 31OCT19
EIN: 31OCT19
RTM: 31OCT19

E-Airportslots read only for S20

As of 01 November 2019, season S20 is accessible in in read only for the airports AMS, RTM and EIN.

The portal is not available for coordination for S20.

Supplementary information to SAL S20 AMS

ACNL received requests from the bankruptcy administrators of the airlines Jet Airways (9W) and Adria Airways (JP) to reserve slots for season S20 pending a formal takeover of the airline’s activities. In line with article 8.15.2 and 8.15.3 of the Worldwide Slot Guidelines, ACNL conditionally allocated slots S20 to these airlines subject to further investigations. ACNL is in close contact with the administrators of these airlines to stay informed about the progress of the bankruptcy proceedings.


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