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Reallocation W17 slots

The available capacity for W17 as described in the capacity declaration is an absolute maximum of 185,000 slots of which 10,735 night slots. The total number of requested slots for W17 at initial submission was 212,503, resulting in 27,503 slots on the waiting list.

At the Historic Baseline Date (31 August) only a small amount of adhoc slots were returned to the slot pool. Consequently the number of slots that could be allocated per airline is very limited. As these slots form part of series that are initially allocated to other airlines, these slots are in principle not eligible for historic precedence. At this moment all slots available are reallocated.

Slots that will be returned to the slot pool during the remainder of the W17 process will also be reallocated to the parties that are on the waiting list. Requests from initial submission will have higher priority.

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