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Publication regarding slot coordination Lelystad Airport

As regards the capacity at Lelystad Airport, ACNL has been formally informed as follows by the Ministry of Transport and Water Management:

(courtesy translation)

“Slot coordination is only relevant in case of scarcity/shortage of capacity, which is demonstrated on the basis of a capacity analysis.

Currently two scenarios are conceivable for the opening of Lelystad Airport (LEY). The first one is based on the so-called “market approach”, the second is based on a traffic distribution rule.

With the market approach it is (initially) not likely that LEY must be designated as a coordinated airport. The designation of an airport as coordinated requires a careful process. This must be done on the basis of a thorough capacity analysis, also taking into account changes that occur in the available capacity.

logically, such a capacity analysis is based on historical data. At this stage, such data are not available, which makes it not opportune to carry out a capacity analysis. Given the lead time of collecting historical data and the analysis to follow this up, it can be assumed that LEY – at least during the first seasons after the opening – will not be designated as coordinated. In this phase the airport managing body will make the capacity available to the airlines in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner and on objective grounds.

If the government would decide to introduce a traffic distribution rule in a situation where the market approach by Schiphol Group would yield insufficient results, slot coordination is also not foreseen for the first years after the opening. The draft traffic distribution rule, which was submitted to the market parties for consultation, only makes capacity available at LEY to carriers operating specific holiday destinations from Schiphol in the relevant time blocks. The growth path at LEY and the available capacity are taken into account. No more flights at Schiphol will be prohibited/banned than can be accommodated at LEY. Hence supply and demand will be aligned by the traffic distribution rule. This means that demand will not exceed supply, there can be no scarcity and slot coordination is not an issue.”

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