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Implementation of Article 10(4)(e) (JNUS)

The uncertainty associated with the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact public health worldwide and Member States´ authorities continue to apply, on a wide scale, restrictive measures aimed at protecting public health.

Unfortunately, the precise measures differ between Member States. These differences hamper a uniform application of the JNUS provisions pursuant to the Slot Regulation as amended by Regulation (EU) 2021/250, which creates uncertainty for the aviation industry.

This week, in a plenary meeting of EUACA, coordinators agreed that under the current circumstances, it is desirable to continue ensuring a uniform application of Article 10(4)(e) of EC Slot Regulation for cross-border travel for a certain period to facilitate procedures and planning for all stakeholders. The EUACA Board issued a recommendation to all members of EUACA to continue working according to this common understanding and to grant JNUS until Friday 14 May 2021 included and consider adding a “recovery period” of six weeks for all cancellation until Friday 25 June 2021 included. Based on local circumstances, individual coordinators remain free to go beyond the recommended end date (25 June) if the applicable national rules allow them to do so.

Airport Coordination Netherlands (ACNL) will follow this EUACA recommendation.

Please find EUACA communication to airlines and airports here.

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