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What does slotperformance entail?

The essence of slot allocation is the distribution of aircraft movements within the capacity limits of the airport. It is subsequently important to monitor if the slotperformance of the airlines is carried out in accordance with this allocation.  Only then the airport’s capacity will be used efficiently and the on-time performance is as good as possible.

The monitoring of ACNL focuses at:

  • Operating without a slot (NO-REC)
  • Not operating while a slot has been allocated (NO-OP)
  • Operating at a significantly different time.
  • Operating at a significantly different way (operating with another aircraft type, from/to another origin/destination, with another service type (passenger/cargo/etc)).
  • Operating within the night curfew without holding a night slot and operating at daytime while holding a night slot.

ACNL may enter into dialogue with airlines if slotperformance deviates. Together with ILT, ACNL has enforcement options.

On a monthly basis ACNL publishes per airport the results of the slotperformance. You will find the statistics for AMS NOOPS and NORECS below.

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