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According Article 9 of the Policy Rule Additional Allocation Criteria, application of the additional criteria will take place in four (4) steps. Step 1 is Nature of destination. ACNL uses a list of destinations that are strengthening the role of the airports as described in the Dutch Aviation Policy. Requests for destinations on this list receive priority. The number of slots for which this priority is applied is limited to on average 28 slots for passenger flights per week per destination for the airport (‘’two daily flights’’). Full freight flights are not counted for this limitation and can receive priority in step 1.

ACNL requests the airport managing body to provide ACNL such a list which must be drawn up in accordance with the principles of slot coordination as included in article 3.2 of the Slot Regulation (transparency (amongst others how the strengthening of the airport is determined) , neutrality and non-discrimination). Should in the judgement of ACNL these principles are not met, ACNL can decide to adjust or not to use the list. After approval by ACNL, step 1 will be applied. If no list is provided or the list is disapproved, ACNL will skip step 1.

ACNL is responsible for the list. Below lists are approved by ACNL and will be applied.

Explanation about methodology is included in the documents below.

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