About SACN - Organization

SACN has been established in the form of a foundation and was designated by the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment (‘the Minister’) at 25 November 1998 as the independent coordinator for slot coordinated airports in the Netherlands in accordance with EEC Regulation 95/93 and Dutch legislation.
SACN has a Supervisory Board whose members are representatives of carriers with one of the coordinated airports in the Netherlands as their home base (at present: KLM, Transavia, Martinair and Arkefly) and representatives of the three coordinated airports. As European rules stipulate that the coordinator should be independent, the Supervisory Board does not have any influence on the process of slot allocation, they only supervise financial and management matters.
The team of SACN consists of 5 people:
Mrs. Caroline Ditvoorst - Managing Director
Mr. Bart van der Elst - Slotcoordinator
Ms. Khadija Habbout - Slotcoordinator
Mr. Joey van der Klugt - Advisor Policy & Development
Management Assistant - To be appointed soon
The main tasks of SACN comprise: to allocate slots to airlines, to provide data, to give advise to stakeholders and policy makers, to solve conflicts, to monitor national and international developments, to attend capacity meetings and consultative meetings and to report twice yearly to the Minister. SACN is acting in an objective, independent, neutral and non-discriminatory way.
In conformity with EEC Regulation 95/93, as amended, a Coordination Committee was set up by Ministerial Decision of 13 January 1998, to advise the coordinator and to ensure compliance with national and international regulations. Membership is open to: the carriers using the airport regularly, organizations of air carriers, the airport authority and Air Traffic Control. The coordinator and the government are permitted to attend as observers. The Committee elects a chairperson every three years. (For more information see under Slot Monitoring.)
A Sub Committee (Scheduling and Slot Performance Committee) to the Coordination Committee meets regularly and has as participants: SACN, Martinair, Lufthansa, British Airways, KLM, Transavia, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, EasyJet and ATC Netherlands.
SACN is a member of the EUACA (European Airport Coordination Association) and WWACG (Worldwide Airport Coordinators Group).



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